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Secondhand Reconditioned Turnstiles

Secondhand reconditioned turnstiles can often be a much more afforable option than new. Older turnstiles are often removed or replaced from e.g. football, cricket and rugby grounds and stadiums, racecourses, other sports gounds, or public venues. We make every effort to restore and update these items to the point where they are once again of a good working quality and well able to stand the demands put upon them. Our secondhand and reconditioned turnstiles can be finished to a high standard mechanically and aesthetically and are available in sheet metal and cast iron. All come with counters, and have a 12 month warranty.

Secondhand reconditioned turnstiles are available in different conditions and types, so the prices vary accordingly. Please call us on 07773 343133 or contact us online to discuss the options available.

secondhand turnstiles
reconditioned turnstiles
secondhand reconditioned turnstiles